About Us​

                                                                                          The idea began with the desire to help our neighbors who were struggling to put food on                                                                                           the table during these tough times. How could we help? What could we do? What was                                                                                                  the best way to get started? Word spread, the idea grew and a group of concerned                                                                                                       residents came together and decided it was time to act. After months of planning, hard                                                                                              work and generous support, the Nelson Garrettsville Community Cupboard was born!


                                                                                          NGCC officially opened on February 27, 2012 in the storage area behind Isaac Mills                                                                                                       Bakery on Nelson Circle. It was the first established community food pantry consistently                                                                                             serving all of the  Garrettsville/Freedom Twp/Nelson Twp region. The response from                                                                                                    both supporters and clients was overwhelming and we quickly realized a larger facility                                                                                                 would be needed soon.


In November of 2013 we made our big move to downtown Garrettsville! Our new location

provided us with more space, better parking, handicap access and greater visibility to the

community. We were able to not only expand the number of families we could serve but

also increase the amount of food given to each family.


Unfortunately, we were only in our downtown location for 4 months when the fire that

devastated Garrettsville’s Buckeye Block occurred. We, like our neighbors, lost everything. 

We were down, but definitely not out! Once again the community stepped up and NGCC

received overwhelming support in the weeks and months following the fire. Thanks to a lot

of hard work and donations from all over northeastern Ohio, we were able to re-open our

doors in a temporary location just two weeks after the fire!



                                                                                         The outpouring of support we received in the aftermath of the fire enabled us to expand                                                                                            once again. Since our humble beginning in 2012, we have tripled in size and operated out                                                                                          of 4 different locations. Now we are able to help even more area families with both                                                                                                      grocery staples and perishable goods with the addition of our grocery store voucher                                                                                                   program. Our monthly SnackPack Program in the JAG School District is in its fourth year                                                                                               and is a huge success. Our dedicated team of volunteers serve an average of 95                                                                                                           households (approx. 200 residents) every month.


                                                                                         The future looks bright for NGCC as we strive to increase our positive impact on the                                                                                                      community with new programs and services to help our neighbors in need.  We truly

                                                                                         believe that together, we can Shut The Door On Hunger in our community!

NGCC Food Bank Isaac Mills Location
NGCC Garrettsville Ribbon Cutting
Highland Ave NGCC Location
NGCC Food Sorting
4H Club Volunteers at NGCC
NGCC Food Sorting

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Where To Find Us

P.O. Box 294

10661 Highland Ave.

Garrettsville, OH  44231



We are located on Highland Ave. off of Freedom St.  (Behind St. Ambrose Church and next to New Age Hearing & The Barber of G’ville.)

When We Are Open

*First & Second Monday of the month: 3:00pm-6:00pm

*First & Second Wednesday of the month: 9:00am-12:00pm

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We are closed on federal holidays and when the Garrettsville City Schools are closed for bad weather.